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You say having my life consist only of anime and study like it's a bad thing;

▶ Because I want to procrastinate, make things in Photoshop and I've done this the past two seasons, have my (very casual and ridic) thoughts on what I'm currently watching from this anime season's new shows.

Under the cut: BTOOOM!, Code:Breaker, Jormungand, K, Little Busters, Psycho Pass, Shinsekai Yori, Sukitte Iinayo, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Zetsuen no Tempest.

➞ NEET ends up on island and has to survive by killing other people with bombs
➞ Hot blonde chick also on island and bathing in a river
➞ I like the art style and the premise is kinda cool, despite the ridic name
➞ Could be interesting depending on what route it takes
➞ nano does the OP, cries with joy
➞ Super sugoi perfect chick sees some dude burning other dudes to death
➞ Said dude transfers to class and chicks confronts him but he's a dork
➞ Except he's not a dork and actually a dick (but a badass dick!)
➞ Seems like it could be cool; apparently the manga is good so whatevs, I'll give it a go
➞ Season 1 was fun with guns and crazy Koko
➞ Season 2 is a lot more intriguing what with ~betrayal and a (hot) psycho chick on their tail
➞ Core cast remains engaging; I actually do wanna find out more about Koko
➞ I'll finish it for completions sake, anyway, and the OST
➞ I am not sure if it's serious or not, though! I can handle it taking the piss occassionally. DAT CHASE SCENE IN EP 2
➞ Who am I kidding, I'll watch it entirely for the art and hopefully nicely choreographed fight scenes. Daniel: easily amused since 1992
Little Busters!
➞ In this anime: death flags springing up everywhere
➞ It's Key, so I am bound to cry bitch tears by the end of it
➞ Looks like fun, until people start dying
➞ I am sucker for punishment, so it's perfect!!
Psycho Pass
➞ People are scanned by a machine who decides if they're likely to commit a crime and arrests them beforehand
➞ This is great because it doesn't care about anything, even if you were raped and are just really scared!!
➞ Actually, it's a really interesting premise and I think it could be fantastic if properly expanded on and explored
➞ The visuals are brilliant, and I love the Determinators (guns they use)
➞ I really want this to be good, simply because of all the potential. Rebelling against the system, being captured by it, exposing conspiracies and such. PLZ BE GOOD
Shinsekai Yori
➞ IT'S REALLY CREEPY. Like, in a good way. I wrote a blog post on the creepiness
➞ Animation is stunning, I can't even
➞ Again, another plot with a lot of potential. Next week looks like it'll expand on the world and such
➞ Has the potential to be a trainwreck AND WE ALL KNOW I LOVE A GOOD TRAINWRECK
➞ Anyway, hooked on this shit. Also the characters are kawaii~*~*~*~
Sukitte Iinayo
➞ Daniel tries to do shoujo
➞ So far, so good? Everyone is pretty and cool (except one dude but whatevs)
➞ NGL, a lot of it is, "And why can't I suddenly meet someone perfect who'll just mack on me? I fucking hate anime."
➞ Whatever, the MC is a cutie and I like the art
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
➞ More shoujo but this one makes me cackle like a witch on crack
➞ Natsume so far remains the most perfect character to grace my screen this season
➞ The romance feels a little rushed, but whatever, the characters are amusing
Zetsuen no Tempest
➞ Animation is love, as is the OST
➞ It's appealing to my love of nicely choreographed fight scenes
➞ Plot looks good so far!
➞ Like the characters, too. Mahiro's a dick, but I love characters who are dicks. Yoshino looks pretty cool, too! And Hakaze, AND EVANGELINE. CAN'T HANDLE IT ALREADY
➞ Ummm, yeah, I think this is my fave so far. I'm gonna stop now but it's pretty amazeballs??